Catch me as the voice of the killer, David Berkowitz or most notably the Son of Sam, in the new season of the hit true crime podcast The Devil Within. Featured in Ep 4, 6 and Bonus Episode 1.

Plot Synopsis

This upcoming season promises to surpass its predecessors,” remarked Sim Sarna, Cloud10 Media’s founder and CEO. “The third installment of The Devil Within will lead listeners on an immersive journey into the chilling saga of one of history’s most notorious serial killers.”

The podcast, The Devil Within, makes its triumphant return with “A Season in Hell…”, featuring exclusive interviews with journalists, FBI agents, historians, and mental health experts. Together, they delve into the 13-month reign of terror orchestrated by David Berkowitz, famously known as the Son of Sam, during the late 1970s in New York City.

Excitingly, MGM+, an Amazon company, acquired The Devil Within for adaptation into a four-part docuseries, with acclaimed filmmaker Eli Roth serving as executive producer.

“Sim Sarna’s groundbreaking work in podcasting has been truly remarkable,” expressed Morgan. “I am thrilled to join forces with Cloud10 and continue expanding The Devil Within’s audience as we transition into this new ‘always on’ platform structure.”

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